These Are The 10 Most Affordable Homes in Fishtown

Most of them are even in good shape, updated and move-in ready. And all of them come in under our "First-Time Find" upper limit.

$255K gets you this: a 916-square-foot, two-bedroom, 1.5-bath house, recently renovated top to bottom, on East Dauphin Street. It’s No. 7 on our Ten Most Affordable list and in the middle of the pack in terms of price per square foot. | Bright MLS image via OCF Realty

We’re still chuckling over the tale of the poor young professional whose lament that she couldn’t find anything she could afford in Fishtown formed the nucleus of an incredulous Wall Street Journal feature (paywalled) on the rise of hot housing markets in cities heretofore unknown for them.

After checking out the homes the NeighborhoodX researchers found for our weekly Ten Most Affordable roundup there, we’re not chuckling as heartily, for only three of the ten came in under her $220,000 upper limit, and one of those is pretty bare-bones. But if she budgeted wisely, she could in all likelihood afford six of the homes listed here.

What’s more, save for that one home, all are in at least decent shape. Most of them have gotten recent updates, especially in their kitchens. And all but two of them, including the one forlorn specimen, are ready for occupancy right now.

One of those two is a brand-new one-bedroom bi-level unit in a condominium development set to open for occupancy in the spring. The other is actually habitable but looks as if it’s in the middle of a kitchen makeover; that home is being pitched to investors as well as would-be residents. (It also definitely looks lived-in; someone call that owner a stager.)

These homes are also reasonably priced on an interior space basis: “The price for these properties ranges from $194 to $317 per square foot,” said Constantine Valhouli, director of research for NeighborhoodX.

The bottom line, however, remains: Prices in Fishtown haven’t climbed out of sight — yet.