7 Innovative Ways to Style Your Empty Wall

Philadelphia-based interior designers share their recommendations for adding color and excitement to that blank canvas.

Image via Barbara Spencer

Is that big, blank wall in your home so…bleh? Is the boring artwork just not working? Philadelphia-based interior designers have the perfect fix. Here are seven stylish suggestions to spice up your white space.

1. Deck out the wall with a glass display unit.

“I look at a white wall as an opportunity to tell a story. What that story is, depends on the wishes of the client, the space itself and how it connects with the overall design. In the home featured above, my client was a lover of food and wine. So, I took what was a simple white wall and created a wine storage and display unit–a gesture that seamlessly connects with his passion.” –Barbara Spencer

BJS Designs | 26 Old Gulph Rd., Gladwyne, Pa. 19035

Image via Gina Williams

2. Use unique shapes to take up space. 

“A blank wall is your opportunity to get creative and make a statement. Utilizing unique materials with uncommon shapes and patterns make for a dramatic effect. Our favorite pieces are both from the URBIA collection. The first, Modern, is a black and gold hanging steel wall. The second, Torso, is an artistic, metal, coin-shaped sculpture.” -Gina Williams

Dwelling | 4050 Main St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19127

Image via Ani Semerjian

3. Frame a fashion statement.

“To add some luxury and interest to a blank wall, I like to frame a beautiful Hermés scarf. It’s like a Birkin for your wall! There are so many colors and designs–you can’t go wrong.” -Ani Semerjian

Semerjian Interiors | 237 W. Lancaster Ave. Suite 223, Devon, Pa. 19333

Image via Rhonda Carlson

4. Enlarge and hang a portrait.

“In design, I try to create a space unique to each client–one that embodies who they are and how they live. I like to take risks with edgy pieces that can transform the overall feel and approach of a room so that every person can experience the space visually. In commercial spaces, brand identity is everything. This is Commonwealth Proper’s flagship location in Philadelphia. I placed an enlarged image of a notable model over their bar area. The piece was captivating in color and completely defined the brand with its visual impact.” -Rhonda Carlson

RCC Design Group | 116 Greys Lane, Haverford, Pa. 19041

Image via Christina Henck

5. Detail the expanse with millwork. 

“My primary approach to fabulous wall décor is millwork. I’m know for my built-in designs–detailed millwork is one of my favorite ways to dress up a room when storage isn’t a priority. The sky is the limit with this kind of woodwork. It can be used to create almost any look, from beach-y to contemporary and everything in between. Interior millwork designs can encompass classic Victorian motifs, Eastern influence or simple strips to create movement throughout the space. For our clients, we frequently incorporate intersecting geometric designs for a modern look. No matter what the aesthetic, millwork will always add character and charm to the interior! Check out our Pinterest page for inspiration.” -Christina Henck

Henck Design | 2216 South St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19146

smooth floor and wall with abstract pattern | Image via iStock

6. Do a 3D wall panel. 

“For a more modern interior, three-dimensional wall panels that have both texture and pattern give a space a very stylized, architectural appearance versus just hanging a piece of framed art on a flat wall. You may have seen them in restaurants and hotels as a really great accent wall. Now, they are starting to make an appearance in chic living spaces. Most are offered in a variety of colors, but since they are dynamic, even white looks amazing. They are typically installed by a professional using a special adhesive.” -Maria Viola Kuttruff

Viola Interior Design LLC | 354 Merion Rd., Merion Station, Pa. 19066

Image via Michele Plachter

7. Create dimension with sculptures and layering. 

“When designing a large, white wall, the first thing that comes to mind is layering. In this installation, we combined a bold patterned cabinet, floor sculptures, a colorful stool, whimsical lamp and a bold piece of art to create a main focus in this space. It truly transformed the room.” -Michele Plachter

Michele Plachter Design | 709 Walnut St. #2F, Philadelphia, Pa. 19106