Property’s Photo of the Week: Philly’s Tallest Skyscaper Is Getting Closer

It's expected to open in 2017.

Is that little CITC we spot reaching for the sky? Gosh, they grow up so fast! Feels like just yesterday we were hungrily perusing local Twitter and Instagram feeds in the hopes of getting a peek into its massive foundation pour. And now, nearly a year later, Philadelphia’s next tallest skyscraper is closer to becoming a reality than ever before.

Officially titled the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center, Comcast’s second tower is due to be complete sometime in 2017. When it opens, its Gensler-designed interior will look like this and will house more Comcast offices, as well as 200-some rooms for the Four Seasons Philadelphia, which, understandably, ditched Logan Square in favor of being, well, up in the air.

Now, if only the higher-ups would reconsider the slide and we’d be set.

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