Green Changes In Store for Point Breeze and East Poplar

Meeting details below.

Top: Wharton Square; bottom: John F. Street Community Center | Images via Google Street View

Top: Wharton Square; bottom: John F. Street Community Center | Images via Google Street View

Years from now, when all is said and done, Philadelphia will have reduced the stormwater pollution entering its rivers and streams by an estimated 85 percent. At least, this is what the city hopes to achieve by implementing projects from its Green City, Clean Waters plan, a program spearheaded by the Philadelphia Water Department.

This week, the ambitious plan rears its head in East Poplar and Point Breeze where residents are set to hear updated green infrastructure improvement plans slated for their respective neighborhoods.

In the case of East Poplar, earlier community feedback was used to inform plans for green stormwater infrastructure surrounding the East Poplar Playground, athletic field, and area streets.

“Our goal is to reduce the volume of polluted stormwater entering local sewers that connect to the Delaware River with green tools that beautify the area – but we’re working with neighbors to make sure that doesn’t impact community gardens or people playing sports on the field,” says PWD’s Philly Watersheds Blog, whose representatives will be meeting with neighbors on the plans’ progress Wednesday, October 14th.

In South Philadelphia, meanwhile, Point Breeze neighbors can expect to hear about green upgrades to Wharton Square, as well as two vacant lots and several area streets, on Thursday. “This is a great meeting for those who want to provide feedback and learn more about what this investment can bring to the neighborhood.”

Meeting details for both below.

Previously, we reported that in an effort help this mission, PWD enacted new green infrastructure and stormwater regulations, so that developers wishing to develop or redevelop properties will do so without corrupting rainwater.

WHAT: East Poplar Playground and Field improvements Update
WHEN: Wednesday, October 14, 2015; 6:00-7:00pm
WHERE: John F. Street Community Center, 1100 Poplar Street, Phila, PA, 19123
MORE INFO: 215 971-6151

WHAT: Wharton Square Community Meeting
WHEN: Thursday, October 15, 2015; 6:00-7:00pm
WHERE: Wharton Square Recreation Center, 2300 Wharton Street, Phila, PA, 19146
MORE INFO215 971-6151