Can’t Touch This: Historic Edward Corner Building in Fishtown

The Historical Commission has given it its blessing.

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One of the remaining vestiges – and a recognizable one at that – of Fishtown’s maritime industry boom is now safe from the hands of would-be developers secretly wishing to demolish the old construction in favor of new development.

According to PlanPhilly, this past Friday saw the Philadelphia Historical Commission vote in favor of protecting sites in West and Northeast Philadelphia, as well as a Frank Furness-attributed building in Fishtown and the Edward Corner Marine Merchandize Warehouse building at 1100-1102 North Delaware Avenue. From PlanPhilly:

Also on Friday, the Commission voted to protect the Edward Corner building at the corner of Frankford Avenue and Shackamaxon Street in Fishtown. The building, currently vacant and owned by developer Michael Samschick, who has occasionally sought to demolish it, was formerly a marine-supplies outpost.

Patrick Grossi said the building was not only notable for its iconic ghost signs, but also, “given its current state, it’s actually well primed for reuse.”

Back in 2007, a nine-story residential building was proposed at the spot. While that proposal never materialized, it was reported earlier this year that there were new plans brewing for the Edward Corner Building site: a 12-story apartment tower with ground floor retail. At the time, Property speculated over whether the historic building would be incorporated into the design of the purported new one.