On the Rise: Concrete Pour at One Riverside Scheduled for Next Week

The luxury condo building will soon rise from the dirt at 25th and Locust.

The construction site at One Riverside | Photo: James Jennings

The construction site at One Riverside | Photo: James Jennings

Here’s a brief update on the One Riverside project. Hot off the heels of the kid-oriented (and immensely successful) construction site festival, Dranoff Properties has told us that the large concrete pour will take place in the wee hours, starting at midnight on October 9th and stretching into the day of October 10th.

It’s probably better described as an event, as the pour will mark the beginnings of the new foundation for the luxury condo building. That means it can’t be interrupted in the least.

“It will involve approximately 300 concrete trucks as the tower mat foundation is 4’-6” thick and the building core is 10’-6” thick,” said Marianne Harris of Dranoff Properties, in an email. “It should be completed by mid-day on Saturday.”

Intech Construction is in charge of the construction of the project and will handle the big pour. The foundation of the building is actually quite dynamic. Not only will it support the tower and the subterranean parking garage, but it will also provide the base for two recreational areas–a pocket park on the north side of the project, and an outdoor area with a kitchen and seating that rests near the community gardens at Schuylkill River Park.

The building itself is designed by Cecil Baker, who came up with flexible floor plates (17 floor plans in all) that will allow for buyers to easily combine units, which is becoming a popular request. Harris said the building originally called for over 80 units, but now they’re expecting the final number to be in the 60-65 range.

The cream of the crop will undoubtedly be the two penthouse units, 2101 and 2102, the latter of which will be a 4-bedroom duplex with a private elevator between floors and four separate private terraces.

Oddly enough, we’ve covered a few of these concrete events over the past year, including East Market and, most notably, the massive one at the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center. While you may think that this is mainly geared towards construction nerds–it’s not. It’s a sign that yet another major project in Philadelphia is about to rise out of a construction site, and that can only mean good things.