Meet “Carl The Builder” at One Riverside’s Kid-Friendly Construction Carnival

Luxury developer Carl Dranoff will host an all-ages tour of his latest project, One Riverside, on Saturday. Plus, a look at some of the numbers for the project so far.

Do you have a construction-loving kid and want to be one of the coolest parents in the world this weekend?

Saturday, September 12, developer Carl Dranoff will temporarily remove his fedora and don a hard hat, as “Carl the Builder” will tour kids (and grown ups) around his latest sandbox–the construction site of One Riverside, a luxury condo building at 25th and Locust.

From the looks of the flier, there will be a ton of freebies for the kiddos, including carnival food like hot dogs, water ice and soft pretzels.

But that’s not even the best part: “The kids will be able to get their pictures taken with the construction equipment while wearing our take-away hard hats,” says Marianne Harris, vice president of Sales, Marketing and Leasing at Dranoff Properties. “We are also giving out miniature trucks and trucks filled with candy as well as “Carl The Builder” coloring books and crayons.”

To recap: we’re talking free food, hard hats, coloring books, pictures with heavy machinery and also Carl Dranoff riffing off of Bob the Builder.

You don’t often see events geared towards kids for large development project like this, and Harris said they thought it would be a ton of fun for neighborhood kids, as well as the children and grandchildren of brokers and buyers. “Everyone is welcome!,” said Harris.

All you have to do it show up and wear closed toe footwear. Safety first, this ain’t Diggerland–this is an active construction site.

Interestingly enough, Harris also said that we should start to see the building rise from the ground in November and, while it was originally designed by Cecil Baker as an 82-unit building, larger units (over 2,400-square-feet) are becoming popular with buyers. As such, they expect the final number to be in the 60- to 65-unit range. So far, Dranoff Properties is seeing average sale prices at $1,000 per square foot. See that thumbs up that little Carl the Builder is rocking up in the flier? Now you know why!

But your kids won’t care about that until they’re much older. This weekend, grab a hard hat, go check out a real-life construction site and make some memories, people!

Property’s Weekend Agenda

What: One Riverside’s Construction Carnival
Where: 25th and Locust Street
When: Sat. Sept. 12 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. (Rain date: Sun. Sept. 13 same time)