Councilman Bobby Henon Offering Scholarships to Citizens Planning Institute

Course topics include urban green spaces, the development process, community safety through design and more.

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

For many Philadelphians, the steadily evolving cityscape is an engrossing point of interest in a town that’s long been due for improvements of all sorts. Wanting to become informed and involved in that conversation is natural, but knowing where to start when you have zero experience in the realms of design, zoning, and place-making can be kind of hard.

Luckily, the Philadelphia Planning Commission’s Citizens Planning Institute is there to get aspiring neighborhood planners started. With a focus on educating citizens about “the role good planning and implementation play in helping to create communities of lasting value,” the Institute offers a series of three evening classes, plus elective courses, in topics like urban green spaces, the development process, community safety through design, creative place-making, and many more.

CPI is currently accepting applications and payments, but only until September 18th. We think everyone should try it out, but should the cost of sessions be out of your budget, Councilman Bobby Henon is offering a limited number of scholarships to those who wish to participate in the program – the catch is this only applies to residents of the 6th District. More from Councilman Henon’s office:

The scholarships, valued at $100 each, will be awarded to 6th District residents after their acceptance into the program and will go towards the program tuition (which is the core plus two electives).  

“Participating in CPI is a hands-on educational tool,” Councilman Henon said. “Coupled with involvement in your local Civic Association and other community groups, CPI gives citizens practical knowledge to draw on when discussing zoning, development and placemaking.” 

According to the press release, if you qualify and are interested in applying for a scholarship, contact Andrew Dick at or 215-686-2078 after submitting your application. Recipients will be selected “ via geographically-based lottery to ensure adequate coverage across the 6th District.”