Property’s Photo of the Week: Lookin’ Good, Billy Ray!

A rooftop view that conjures up the magical imagery of a 1980's comedy classic.


A photo posted by Danny Lopez (@_dopez) on

Instagrammer Danny Lopez snapped an incredible #PhillyScape shot from the infinity edge pool atop evo, a new-ish apartment building that’s part of the Cira Centre South complex in University City. Not only do we get a stunning view of the Philadelphia skyline, but also its beautifully warped reflection on the pool’s pristine waters.

Clearly, Lopez was lovin’ life in this shot, and the whole image reminds us of the final scene in Trading Places, the classic 80’s comedy set in (a very different looking) Philadelphia. You probably (hopefully!) know it well: Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis are on the yacht, and Eddie Murphy is on the beach … well, fine, we’ll just show you the clip from the movie. Caution: SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD.

There’s no telling whether Lopez had an adult beverage handy while taking this picture (or if he just made a fortune in trading frozen concentrated orange juice through an elaborate revenge scheme involving the old switcheroo of real and fake reports containing the orange crop estimates for the following year), but the image is quite magical, to be sure. It does begs the question: why the hell don’t more high-rise apartment buildings in Philly have an infinity edge pool oriented towards the skyline? It seems like a no-brainer to us.

We’d like to see how (or where) you’re going to spend the final moments of summer by tagging your ‘grams with #PhillyScape.

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