Morning Headlines: The Curious Case of the Standalone Bottom Dollar Food

Plus: Mapping Wealthy White People; Hospital Expansion; Microgrants and more!

The former Bottom Dollar Food in Grays Ferry | Google Street View

The former Bottom Dollar Food in Grays Ferry | Google Street View

The bottoming out of Bottom Dollar Foods is well documented and it has some serious implications for some neighborhoods throughout the city. While Aldi has purchased some of the former discount stores (but only five in Philly), Naked Philly wonders what the hell is (ever?) going to happen to the newly built store at 3000 Grays Ferry Avenue in Grays Ferry?

It’s more of a ”tweener” of a building in terms of size, probably too small for a Target, the grocery store didn’t work out (Pathmark is across the street) and it’s too large for something like a Rite-Aid, says Mr. Fox. Even worse, the brand new store sits by itself and not in a shopping center atmosphere to attract a high volume of shoppers. Any ideas? Leave ’em in the comments.

From Our Citified Bureau:

Researchers from the University of Minnesota mapped where wealthy white people cluster, as well as where poor people of color are concentrated, in 15 of the country’s biggest metropolitan areas.

They found that the Philadelphia region has 70 “racially concentrated areas of affluence,” the second-highest amount out of the 15 locations that were studied. Boston was No. 1, with 77 areas of concentrated affluence.

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