An Earthship is About to Land in West Philly

(Pssst, it's not as spacey as it sounds.)

If you’re just hearing about it for the first time, boy are you in for a green treat.

Back in 2013, we mentioned the proposed earthship that LoveLovingLove, the nonprofit behind the project, had in store for a parcel in Philadelphia. (If you just went “huh?”, click here for a full video explanation of what an earthship is and how one goes about creating one.)

The group, whose focus is on helping impoverished communities via holistic heath education (“and love,” per their website mission statement), has since broken ground on the North Philly plot that is to house their Earthship office made entirely of recyclable materials.

Generocity reports the new space will hold  “healthy-living workshops for those coping with diabetes and high blood pressure,” in addition to other events:

“We want to bring holistic health information and activities to the community through workshops, holding free events on the land, and having workshops for people to learn how to build an Earthship themselves,” [founder Rashida] Ali-Campbell said, “So that other people who have the desire to build can grab up some of these 40,000 vacant lots and turn them into something beautiful and sustainable.”

Aside from being, you know, a feat of ‘biotechture‘, the other groundbreaking thing is that this will be the first urban Earthship ever built. Generocity explains:

Here’s the thing — until now, Earthships have primarily been built in “off-the-grid” locations in Montana, Canada, Easter Island, Belize and Colorado Springs. While there are plans to construct one in Manhattan on the Lower East Side, no Earthship currently exists in an urban environment.

The First-Ever Urban Earthship Is Being Built in West Philly [Generocity]