Best Explanation Yet of What the Heck An Earthship Is

It's a little bit Magic Gardens, a little bit Biosphere 2.


Photo of earthship in Taos, New Mexico by Biodiesel33 via Wikimedia Commons

For reasons I don’t comprehend, Philebrity writes that Tony Lawton, who you’ll meet in the video below, looks like “he’s relocating to his Earthship from his car.” As far as I can see, he’s just a human being in a gray t-shirt. It’s not like he has dreadlocks and a huge beard with food stuck in it. Would a suit and tie have been better? At any rate, whether you like his appearance or not, his presentation — part of an indiegogo campaign that’ll further the Earthship Philadelphia movement — is the first lucid, 101 explanation we’ve heard from Earthship advocates here of exactly what an Earthship is, how it came about, what materials are used, how it works, and how it could be used in this city. (You could probably learn a good deal more at this workshop, but it’ll cost you $25-$50.)

Oh, and FYI Philebs: trying to create sustainable, affordable housing that will, in part, serve the homeless population isn’t “hippie” stuff, even when Crosby Stills & Nash plays in the background of a video about it. It’s 2014. Everyone’s pretty much onboard with this saving-the-planet business.

Video below.