Morning Headlines: Target Looking for Space in Center City

The smaller grab-and-go stores would be around 20,000 square-feet.

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Good morning! Are you sitting down? This news might just turn your legs into noodles.

Target has announced that they’re looking into the possibility of bringing their TargetExpress concept to the Philadelphia area. The Inquirer reports that specific locations are not yet known, but that they are “hunting for lease deals in Center City and University City to build what could be as many as four of the new stores.”

Much like practically everything else in this city, the deal is–ahem–targeting those darned Millennials and Empty Nesters that are flocking to the city and have some extra money to spend:

The goal is to bring the brand to the very Baby Boomers and young professionals who became loyal customers in the suburbs, but who increasingly are moving into resurgent central Philadelphia.

So, what can you expect from one of these TargetExpress shops?

It seems like it will be a similar experience to the mega-Walgreens at Broad and Chestnut: smaller items, fresh food, a beauty department, a pharmacy and even home and electronic goods.

Target first rolled out the TargetExpress in a mixed-use development consisting of 300 apartments near the University of Minnesota in July. Here’s how the Star Tribune described the Minneapolis store:

The prototype feels like a drugstore along the lines of a CVS or Walgreens, but has its own Target flair with merchandise that includes groceries, bedding, smartphones…

Target is also looking to bring these smaller stores to the Main Line as well.

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