“PNB” Letters Removed From Skyline

The second attempt at removing them from the art deco skyscraper that hosts Wells Fargo bank went much smoother than the first.


Almost three months after an aborted attempt to take down the PNB sign from One South Broad, the letters are finally gone.

City officials confirmed the letters’ removal on Friday. On Sunday, the PNB letters came down quickly — in contrast to the protracted removal in August.

New York-based Aion Partners owns the building. The company said it had to remove the letters after discovering their deteriorating condition.


Philadelphia National Bank put its letters on the top of the 1930s building in the 1950s. Wachovia, which previously owned the building before Wells Fargo acquired it in 2008, had planned a replacement sign with its logo in the skyline. It appears the building will remain sign-less for now.