Once More, With Feeling: Remaining PNB Sign Letters to Come Down Sunday

The remaining nine letters of the PNB sign are scheduled to come down in just a few days. Hopefully it goes better this time.


The next few days are likely the last for the Philadelphia skyline’s iconic PNB letters. They’re set to come down from One South Broad on Sunday.

Contractors first attempted to remove the letters in mid-August, but they were more fragile than expected. Only three letters — the south side of the building — were removed.

Presumably, with the letters’ fragility no longer in doubt, the remaining nine letters will come down all at once this time. Streets will be closed from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Friday morning the Streets Department released a list of closures. 13th Street from Arch to Chestnut will be closed intermittently. 15th and Broad streets will be closed from Arch to Chestnut, Market from 13th to 16th and JFK from Juniper to 16th Street. South Penn Sqare, on the south side of City Hall, will also be closed. The department confirmed that the closings are to facilitate the removal of the letters.

It’s an odd time for the closures — and with very little notification — considering the much-ballyhooed Dilworth Park ice rink opens today. But at least they’re getting the streets open by 4 p.m., so people can get home to watch the 4:30 Eagles game.

If you’re a fan of the PNB sign, crane your necks up sometime in the next two days if you want to see it before it’s gone.

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