Newtown Athletic Club Is the Navy Yard of the Fitness Scene

It just keeps growing and growing...


According to our sister site Be Well Philly, Newtown Athletic Club has just-announced a $10 million expansion and renovation — the second massive expansion in as many years. This will bring the club’s acreage to 22. Compare that to the 3 acres of land it started out with in 1978, and you have the real estate embodiment of the way American attitudes toward health and wellness have changed. And how this region has changed as well.

The expansion project has a title, like a TV show. It’s called “Breaking Boundaries” and has a 12-point plan, most of which doesn’t involve real estate or land development per se; it’s more interested in the development of one’s muscles. But there are two points that deal with the land in a very specific way:

11. On the other side of Penns Trail at the corner of Penns Trail and Pheasant Run, a 2-acre outdoor fenced in green athletic field area will be utilized for camps, sports activities and other events that we can hold on our 22-acre complex.

12. A $400,000 underground tunnel (our first choice) or a walking overpass will be built across Penns Trail in order to access this outdoor field area safely and efficiently.

The plan says, “We know of no other health club in the nation that has ever built this type of passageway to access another service area of their facility.”

Head over to Be Well for more details.