Mind Your Ps and Ns and Bs

The PNB building's iconic letters get removed on Sunday.

PNB buildingDan McQuade has the scoop on the latest plans to take down the PNB Building’s enormous letters from the skyline. I was watching last time, for hours, because I thought it would feel historical. When the endeavor was scrapped in the middle it felt very Philadelphia, if nothing else. I did manage to get a few good photos (one of which is to the left). I also spent at least three hours on Instagram that I’ll never get back. For every cool PNB-related photo, I saw three breakfasts then lunches that I wasn’t getting to eat.

Others with more PNB fortitude than I have actually followed the letters to where they were placed onto the street. (Their verdict? They look bigger up close.)

It’s a shame the letters weren’t all removed at the same time because it would have afforded nostalgic journalists like myself a wonderful period of writerly self-indulgence in which to lament the changing of the architectural guards. Alas for you, dear readers. Instead, I have this to say: Them letters is comin’ down. Watch if you want to. I’ll be home reading a book.

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