Morning Headlines: No Property Tax Increase for Lower Merion

That's what the 2015 proposed budget says.

According to a release from Lower Merion Township, the 2015 proposed budget recommends no increase in property taxes. That’ll make it year number four without such an increase, which seems like a dream to Philadelphians — and helps explain why young parents find it tempting to cross City Line when they’re looking for a new home.

To get technical, the real estate tax millage rate is 4.19 in Lower Merion, and that’s where it would stay, though the entire budget is subject to debate at public hearings. The release says:

Despite incurring unexpected winter storm expenses of about $1 million in 2014, the year is projected to finish on budget. That has been accomplished with expenditure savings in other areas that helped to offset the extraordinary storm costs. This positive performance in 2014 is projected to allow the use of the unreserved fund balance to be kept below budget for the year, while setting a positive direction for the 2015 Budget.

Lower Merion’s Proposed Budget 2015 [via scribd]

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