Retail Roundup: The City’s Newest Stores

Nordstrom Rack on Chestnut will open soon!


Shoppist is always abuzz with news of store openings, so here’s a roundup of the latest in Philly.

Center City
We told you months ago that Uniqlo at 1608 Chestnut would be opening this fall, but Shoppist had the first peek inside before the store launched this past Friday. If you haven’t been there yet, expect to see three fully-stocked floors (basement too) and a mezzanine with the largest mismatched color floor in the country!

Could this be a sign of retail revival? Shoppist has hope after another store moved into Manyunk, this time at 4320 Main Street. Rowhouse, a home goods store with an eye for vintage and modern resale items, opened its doors this past weekend.

University City
Shoppist reports that although Old City-based United by Blue’s new space at 3421 Walnut (a former chocolate shop) doesn’t boast the same square footage as its flagship, there’s enough room for several tables and a booth. Noteworthy details include reclaimed wood, vintage soap dispenser, and light fixtures made of whisks from a Tastykake factory.

Center City
Daffy’s used to take up eight stories at 17th and Chestnut, but now a Nordstrom Rack will take its place. The store will be on three floors and is set to open October 24th, according to sources.