Splendiferous Interiors: Kitten Edition

Designing America's first permanent cat cafe.

Anyone who’s been to the Rocket Cat Cafe on Frankford Avenue may be familiar with the eye-catching kitty that stands guard over the Fishtown coffee shop. But has anyone ever wondered if the cafe would (or could, because you know, health requirements and all) ever actually live up to half of its name?

As in, there’d be cats walking around?

Well, a San Francisco cafe called KitTea is doing just that. CityLab brought this furry story to our attention and it has our paw–er, seal of approval:

…San Francisco folks behind what could soon be America’s first permanent cat cafe have released design images, and they should please even the kitty-phobic. Shift Design Studio has planned a chill-looking shop where animals and humans can enjoy separate spaces for the sake of everyone’s comfort and safety. (The surreal concept mockups are a Photoshop feat of accidental art, featuring clipped-out photos of cats lounging around on a cartoonishly rendered background.)

They’re not kidding about the renderings (included in a gallery below), which features a dividing wall between the human section and “cat lounge.” If it happens, which Philly establishment do you think would be the first to catch up with this feline-inspired redesign?

Photos courtesy of KitTea owner Courtney Hatt’s Facebook page.