Pennsylvanians Google “Back Shaving” More Than Any Other Term

Also, "Eagles" -- but not how you'd think.

map of search terms

Image via Estately.

You gotta hand it to real estate websites: they know how to drive traffic. Witness Estately, which always has something to love. Today, it’s a map of the U.S. with the terms residents searched for most on Google in the last 10 years, based on the data on Google Trends. Are we surprised that Pennsylvania has a humiliating term as No. 1? We are not. What about the other terms? There are 18 total.

1. Back Shaving
2. Beer
3. Competitive Eating
4. Eagles (band)
5. Freedom
6. Furries
7. Heroin
8. Jello Wrestling
9. Madden NFL (video game)
10. Malt Liquor

The other eight…

11. “Married with Children” (TV show)
12. Major League Baseball
13. National Hockey League
14. Online Dating
15. Oxycodone
16. Partying
17. Taylor Swift (singer)
18. What is ketchup?

Ryan Nickum, master of all things addictive over at Estately, said that initially they assumed “Eagles” was a search for the football team, but this being a statewide survey, it turned out to be the band. Shameful (see video below to understand the problem with this).

Now, this was a limited sample, apparently. Nickum: “We focused our search queries divisive topics like politics and religion, as well interest in types of recreation, music, movies, diet and health topics, famous people, TV shows, dumb questions, and a bunch of silly stuff like thumb wresting and glam rock.”

Estately feels “it does provide an interesting window into a side of each state’s personality.” Well, if Delaware’s personality is trying to find evidence that others know Delaware exists, then yes, this is true.

As for Pennsylvania, let’s not forget that this hairy-backed, jello-wrestling, opioid-addled, ketchup-ignorant state legalized gay marriage yesterday! So there!

You Can Learn A Lot About America From Each State’s Internet Search History [Estately]