Kevin Bacon: My Father Was the Robert Moses of Philadelphia

Ed Bacon's actor son says his dad liked being a famous city planner.

“What I got from my father was a burning desire to succeed. My father was into fame and leaving his mark.

He was a city planner, sort of a genius in that world, the Robert Moses of Philadelphia. He was on the cover of Time once, and I remember going to his office and seeing, like, two hundred copies, which he would hand out to people. I would never do that in a million years. I don’t save clippings.

“Anyway, we’d walk down the street, and even up to the time he died, people would say, ‘Mr. Bacon,’ and I’d turn around and they’d be talking to him. What I got from my father, frankly, was the desire to be more famous than him.”

–Kevin Bacon, in Esquire‘s Style Issue