Which Philadelphia Toilet Will Be the First Local Airpnp?

condo bathroom

This lovely bathroom is in a condo that’s on the market for $1.425 million.

There are more than 300 toilets worldwide on Airpnp (like Airbnb, but for bathroom use only), and Philly doesn’t have any of them. The closest we get is Brooklyn. Step it up, toilet-owners!

Of course, there is a risk in joining the rentable lavatory movement: It leaves the city open to criticism — as with Airbnb, users get to rate and comment on their experience. (Current comments suggest that this function isn’t taken very seriously, as there’s lot of, well, toilet humor rather than serious critique.) But for large-scale events — the app was minted by New Orleans natives who were tired of perpetrating “rogue pees” during Mardi Gras — this is a useful idea. After all, how much can that Rittenhouse Barnes and Noble take? Just watch out for those Mummers.

Airpnp — add a place to pee now!

Buy that bathroom! 143 S 2ND STREET Unit 301, PHILADELPHIA, PA