Yes, Another New Coworking Space (This One’s in Cedar Park)

By our count, this makes roughly 578 coworking communities

Courtesy The Fire Works

With the newest of Philadelphia’s seemingly endless supply of coworking spaces open in Cedar Park, can there possibly be anyone left working from a parent’s basement? Now presenting: The Fire Works, a coworking community serving West Philly above wildly popular Dock Street Brewing Company and adjacent to Firehouse Bikes and Satellite Cafe.

Owner Linford Martin talked to the West Philly Local about how the group grew out of a community of professionals working out of The Cedar Works nearby. When Philadelphia Community Acupuncture moved out of its space upstairs at the Dock Street firehouse, The Fire Works became more than a plan.

So The Fire Works set up shop in the former PCA space, which was revamped to include a conference room, small meeting room, kitchenette and a shared work table in an open space accessible to members only. So far, members of The Fire Works include cartographers, activists, educators, web developers, musicians, and writers according to its website.

While just about every coworking space worth its salt features soaring ceilings and exposed brick, this one also offers access to excellent sustenance. Frankly, proximity to Dock Street’s Man Full of Trouble Porter and fig jam pizza makes the monthly membership fees — ranging from $60 to $200 — more than worth it. For those of us with the ability to work remotely or independently, the concept of working alongside cartographers, activists and musicians is an enticing change (certainly an upgrade from your typical cubicle-types).

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