Could a LEGO Bike Lane Be Our Gateway Drug?

Philly is ranked fourth most bikeable large city in the U.S. Yet there still aren't enough bike lanes.

copenhagen flow

Via Copenhagenize Design Co.

Philly is ranked pretty highly as a bike-friendly city: No. 4 among large U.S. cities. But for those who regularly travel on two wheels, there’s no question more bike lanes would be welcome — especially if they could be realized without ribbons of red tape.

A design company in Copenhagen has invented something call the Copenhagenize Flow, which is a system of interlocking recycled tiles that can be placed on a street as easily as modular flooring or DIY backsplashes — or a stretch of LEGOs, which is what Fast Company compares it to. It could be especially useful to clarify implications to community members. There’s so much speculation about what might happen as a result a new bike lane, but the Flow provides the opportunity for a short-term test run — click it into place for however long and then unclick it and try it somewhere else.

The company’s CEO, Mikael Colville-Anderson, says the click-together wood and plastic will encourage the creation of more bike lanes: “The Flow is the gateway drug we have been waiting for.”

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