Franklin Institute Expansion News: A Kinetic Shimmer Wall By Ned Kahn

franklin institute shimmer wall

Rendering via uwishunu.

Uwishunu reports that Ned Kahn, an environmental artist from Northern California, will contribute a “kinetic shimmer wall” to the Franklin Institute’s  53,000-square-foot expansion, to open in June 2014.

The progressive “shimmer wall” is the first of its kind to grace the City of Brotherly Love and is designed to mirror the sky and visually show natural weather elements such as wind and rain.

The “shimmer wall” is made up of 12,500 five-inch-square aluminum panels that will move in varying waves depending on the wind and at night, the shimmer wall will radiate subtle light.

• Update: The Franklin Institute’s 53,000-Square-Foot Expansion Welcomes A 2,665-Square-Foot “Shimmer Wall,” An Art Structure By Renowned Environmental Artist, Ned Kahn