Morning Headlines: Controller’s Office Calls L&I “Evasive”

Philadelphia’s Department of Licenses and Inspections delivered a three-page document and a reference to a 3,000-page report to the Controller’s Office in response to a request that the Controller be allowed to monitor demolition procedures.

Controller Alan Butkovitz has accused L&I of “stonewalling,” and based on comments by the Butkovitz’s deputy Harvey Rice, the document seems to have made things worse: “Basically, what they did is evasive, which raises even more questions about their inspections and the work of L&I on demolitions and other matters,” Rice told the Inquirer.

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What else is going on? Oh, plenty…

The Business Journal’s Natalie Kostelni explains what happened with the Granite Run Mall’s “failed road trip,” which was just sold. Part of the problem? Mortgage brokers acting like drunken sailors.
• Society Hill church members and neighborhood activists had a prayer vigil, reports Valerie Russ, hoping God would intervene and make a new building less hideous and out of place with the rest of the neighborhood. Let’s hope He’s listening.
CBS Philly reports that an awkwardly named activist group — Margate Citizens Questioning the Beach Project — is wondering if new dunes are really necessary, given that Margate is already well protected. It’s the kind of questioning that’s always asked when it’s not raining.
• What can we say? This is terribly sad, as is all the loss of life in Nairobi: “Remembering Architect Ross Langdon, partner and unborn child – victims of Nairobi terrorist attack