Sedate Society Hill House Was a Refuge From Yellow Fever and a Swinging ’70s Disco

This beautiful home on charming, historical Cypress Street has been entirely reconstructed to blend in with its traditional surroundings. But the Federal-style three-bedroom has a lively history, says developer Michael Tomasetti, who says the property has always been used as a rental.

“The home was built in 1806 and was a boarding house for people who survived yellow fever,” he says. “When my guys demoed the property, we found eight fireplaces in the home. Seems every room in the house was occupied by a different family. The home was connected to the other two on the east side of Cypress and between the three homes had 24 families occupying them.”

While the other two homes were renovated in the early 1900s, 308 Cypress was transformed somewhat later. “It was renovated in the 70’s into some crazy Saturday Night Fever disco house,” says Tomasetti. “It was totally wild and creepy.”

Despite a fierce battle with the neighbor, who was against the idea, Tomasetti ultimately put a 6-foot addition on the back of the home. He also dug out the basement and reinforced the property with steel beams. “The home was about two years away from falling and collapsing in the street,” Tomasetti says. The reinforcement is to ensure “that it will stand another 200 years.”





Beds: 3
Baths: 3
Square feet: 2,200
Duly noted: wide-plank pine floors throughout; custom milled bookshelves; crown molding
Asking price: $849,000
Listing: 308 Cypress Street