The Secret, Forgotten Ruin of Ancient Philadelphia Revealed: Veteran’s Stadium!

forgottenReading lists is fun. Reading them as slideshows is annoying. Reading a Top 10 list that takes 39 slides to get through is excruciating. Reading a Top 10 list of “Philly’s Top 10 Forgotten Places” that includes the Vet and takes 39 slides to get through makes you want to punch someone.

Fortunately, changed its slideshow and it now only takes 11 slides to get through the list, but we’ve provided it below anyway because slideshows of that kind make everyone hostile. As for the picks, nothing that closed within the last 15 years can quality as “forgotten” landmarks. Not in a city with so much history.

And iconic sports venues forgotten–in this town? Don’t think so. How about the most historic and famous attraction in Atlantic City’s history? Zoinks! Forgot all about that!

On the flip side, there are a couple very solid New Jersey picks here, and others that simply depend ] on one’s age and tenure in Philly.

Let us know what you think of the list:

1. Shibe Park/Connie Mack Stadium
2. Zipperhead on South Street
3. Steel Pier in AC
4. Palumbo’s Restaurant
5. Veteran’s Stadium
6. Latin Casino, Cherry Hill
7. Garden State Racetrack
8. Strawbridge’s
9. Camden Drive-In movie theater
10. Bookbinder’s at 15th and Chesntut

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