Property’s Morning Obsession: Airstream Living in a Loft

Decorating a loft can be a tricky thing. You want to celebrate the open layout, but sometimes you need a little something to break up all that space. Most of us would use a screen divider or a bookcase to delineate a sleeping area from, say, the living room. Maybe we’d get fancy and hang some curtains from the middle of the ceiling.

In Belgium, architect Daniel Dethier went ahead and erected an entire Airstream camper-inspired aluminum pod right in the middle of an abandoned bakery-turned-loft. Not only does it do nicely in terms of demarcating space, it serves some helpful purposes. It hides two bathrooms, a toilet, the heating and ventilation systems and ample storage space.

A green bathroom and an orange bathroom.

Two modular bathrooms in complementary colors.

The Airstream influence is clear, but we think this gem looks a little like an upcycled trolley. Is it just the orange and the green? Hard to imagine a trolley that clean, we know.

Kempart Loft by Dethier Architectures [Design Milk]