Wow! Terrific Vegan Office Space With Fennel Lighting

princetonThe office space in the former Princeton Club is not only beautifully preserved from a historic point of view, it’s right above the restaurant Vedge, which is one of the best eateries in the country. The office itself has a slew of perks, with all utilities included:

    • Free use of waiting room that was once a squash court
    • 2 conference rooms
    • 2 kitchenettes
    • access to 7 bathrooms, one with a shower
    • “indoor bicycle parking lot”
    • Internet
    • Land line
    • BUO tax
    • Janitorial services

Additionally, the listing says–speaking of co-working–that the office has a “collegial atmosphere, ideal for solo and small groups of professionals, creative types, etc.” It’s also ideal for vegans who like to work beneath lamps that look like fennel bulbs, develop an appetite, and then run downstairs for the best vegan food in the nation.




Price: Individual offices for 1-5 people: $1,000-$1,900/mo.
Lease: Minimum 1 year
Requirements: First and last months’ rent
$1000 Historic Offices above VEDGE Restaurant (Center City, Philadelphia) [Craigslist]