Will People Finally Notice Tacony Now?

taconyTacony’s housing stock has always been terrific bang for your buck–along the lines of the grand Victorians in University City and Mt. Airy. But its placement in the Northeast has kept residents from other parts of the city who never lived in the Northeast away–people generally move from the Northeast not to it.

Now, though, Tacony is undergoing a revitalization effort that may at least impress visitors to the neighborhood’s main drag, Torresdale Avenue.

From Flying Kite:

The most ambitious effort is a Facade Grant Program, unveiled last year. The program operates in coordination with the Commerce Department’s Storefront Improvement Program, providing business and property owners captial for exterior improvement projects.

In other words, things are going to look really pretty.

In Tacony, Torresdale Avenue’s rebirth starts with facade improvements [Flying Kite]