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Tacony Is Flipping Its Way to Growth, According to New Study

Earlier this week, the Tacony Community Development Corporation posted the results of a study conducted by James Onofrio who took a look at housing sales data in the neighborhood […]


Tacony Named “Great Neighborhood” Winner by American Planning Association

“Will people finally notice Tacony?” was a question posed right here on Property many, many moons ago (about a month or so after the blog was started, […]


Update: SawTown Tavern in Tacony

  Last fall, we told you about SawTown Tavern opening up where the Prince Cafe once was in Tacony. Troy Everwine and Mike Scotese, owner of […]


Morning Headlines: Five Developments Set to Revive Tacony

Numerous projects are said to be game-changers for the city, but not just in the immediate areas surrounding Center City. According to the Tacony Community […]


Man Drives Corvette into Delaware River in Northeast Philly

Update: Police have pulled a red Corvette from the Delaware River in the Tacony section of Northeast Philadelphia. NOW: A Corvette has just been removed […]


Morning Headlines: Eataly Comes to Philly; 38Chestnut Breaks Ground, Without a Space

We have a lot of headlines this morning, so let’s get to it. First of all, to clarify: 38Chestnut will indeed have a space (that […]


No One Puts the Northeast in the Corner!

It’s a bummer when your own part of town gets the cold shoulder from its neighboring sections. Honestly, I love all of Philly. If I […]


Most Affordable ’Hoods for Renters: Yup, They’re What You’d Think

Here’s what we want to say to startup Kwelia: If loving you is wrong, we don’t wanna be right. The self-professed data geeks help real […]


Will People Finally Notice Tacony Now?

Tacony’s housing stock has always been terrific bang for your buck–along the lines of the grand Victorians in University City and Mt. Airy. But its […]