Update: SawTown Tavern in Tacony

SawTown Tavern will serve custom craft beers exclusive to their restaurant.

940x540 - featured Lindsey Tweed rendering of Prince Cafe in Tacony

Rendering by Lindsey Tweed via Historic Tacony Revitalization Project website.


Last fall, we told you about SawTown Tavern opening up where the Prince Cafe once was in Tacony. Troy Everwine and Mike Scotese, owner of Grey Lodge Pub and Hop Angel Brauhaus, are getting close to opening the tavern, promising to tap their first two house beers during Philly Beer Week (May 29 through June 7).

They also just announced their craft beer program. Each of their six taps will be dedicated to custom craft beers made from collaborations with local breweries. The first two exclusive beers they’ll be tapping during Philly Beer Week is a Vienna Lager, brewed by Sly Fox in collaboration with Standard Tap, and an IPA by Naked Brewing.

Everwine and Scotese are bringing beer to the tavern that they personally want to drink often.

SawTown Tavern [Official]