Newly Listed: The Most Remarkable South Philly Interior We Have Ever Seen [UPDATED]

There are times when words are not needed, when the power of images suffice. Iconic photos by Dorothea Lange or Alfred Eisenstaedt required no commentary. Nor do the listings photos below, although the listings copy does start out with a relevant exhortation: “Step into Italy!”

Please note: Grandpa in his track suit on the sofa; black cat on billiard-print staring down Roman pedestal; Grandma just out of frame; scantily clad women in posters in basement bar; dolls!; is that Grandpa again?; so much more.

Have we stepped into Italy, as the listing stays? Indeed, we feel the Uffizi must be right around the corner.

1322 Tasker St., Philadelphia PA [Redfin]

UPDATE: It turns out this is a re-listing with new photos, and it was actually featured on Curbed Philly and Passyunk Post. [Ed. note: My not noticing the latter is forgivable, but not noticing the former, which I wrote, makes it appear I’m on drugs. I assure you I’m on nothing more than the doctor prescribes.]