Another Name Change: From PhillyCarShare to Enterprise CarShare

As we mentioned yesterday, when philebrity wrote that VIADUCTgreene had changed its named to Friends of the Rail Park, we were a little miffed because we had only just mastered the capitalization, spacing and spelling of their original name. Now we’ve got another company that’s getting jiggy with the name, and the spacing too, as PhillyCarShare (no spaces) becomes Enterprise CarShare (one space). It’s kind of overdue, actually, given that Enterprise has owned PhillyCarShare for more than a year.

Enterprise says they want to get rid of the “homegrown” associations the name PhillyCarShare has, while VIADUCTgreene tells us their own name may not have flown the coop just yet. The story, as they say, is DEVELopINg.

PhillyCarShare is now Enterprise CarShare [PlanPhilly]