Why Move to Wayne? We’ll Give You 5 Good Reasons

Located on the Main Line, Wayne continues to attract residents with its family-friendly vibe, proximity to Philadelphia and downtown historic district. Why move to Wayne? We’ll get you started with five good reasons:

EAT: The Silverspoon in the Eagle Village Shoppes focuses on fresh, sustainable ingredients in a casual, country “bouchon” setting.

DRINK: The impressive wine list at Georges’, a lower-key restaurant from famed chef Georges Perrier of Le Bec-Fin, features a plethora of wines from both the Old World and New.

DO: Chanticleer Gardens is a beautiful public garden with more than 35 acres of flowers, foliage and vegetables, illustrating the artistry of the garden and cutting-edge horticulture.

Why Move to Wayne? 671 Church Road is a good reason.

671 Church Road in Wayne

LEARN: The Wayne Art Center offers lessons for students of all ages on arts, crafts, music, cooking and drama. In addition, the center showcases the works of professional and emerging artists in its temporary exhibits.

LIVE: Wayne is always a hot market. Go quickly or you might miss out on gems like these.