Tips to Better Organize Your Bathroom

Inside Edition: Tips to Better Organize Your Bathroom

Whether you have kids running in and out of the bathroom, a multitude of cosmetics, or both, we’ve all had those moments where we walk into the bathroom and notice that it looks like a tornado went through it. Here are some quick tips to better organize your bathroom.

Hang it up There are few organization problems that can’t be solved by an over-the-door organizer. If you have a closet in your bathroom, hang one on the inside of the door and put things like medicine and toiletries in the pockets so they don’t get lost and cluttered on the shelves.

Dirty Laundry It’s easy for dirty towels to find a home on the floor if the laundry room is far away. Find a place for a clothes hamper in the bathroom so they can be easily relocated.

There’s toothpaste…everywhere It’s funny how something meant to keep your teeth clean can turn into the messiest thing in the bathroom—especially if you share your bathroom with kids. An easy fix: pick up an empty liquid soap dispenser at the dollar store and fill it with toothpaste for a mess-free take on the traditional tube. Just be sure to label it or even store it in the closet—otherwise someone might mistake toothpaste for hand soap which will definitely be counterproductive to the whole clean thing.

Storage If you have drawers and shelves full of odds and ends, there are a few ways to go about storage to make things look decorative. Get some square baskets to keep folded towels stacked neatly and large glass jars for Q-tips and cotton balls. Put plastic boxes in the drawers to store items with cords like hairdryers and curling irons.

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