Online Curator Calls Philly Building “Repulsive,” “Architectural Turd”

When we say “online curator,” we don’t mean “web editor,” though that’s the thing to put on your resume these days if you’re a journalist looking for a leg up. We say online curator because it seems tawdry to put the blog’s real name–“Curator of Shit”–in a headline. But the truth is, the blog Curator of Shit is not happy with us.

The online curator of the Curator of Shit writes:

Among crimes committed in Callowhill and North Philadelphia, this building is definitely eligible for Architectural Turds of America on a local level. Clad entirely in dryvit, from head to toe, this building, no doubt started life as a load bearing brick masonry building with a slate-clad mansard roof, fourth floor. Why and how anyone could do this to the built environment is beyond our feeble comprehension.

Repulsive Dryvit Covered Second Empire Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [CofS]