Staging 101: Do Not Cover Bong With Boxer Shorts

Actually, we can’t really tell what the boxer shorts are covering. The first thought was a lamp, but then, there’s a lamp right next to them. So what else would a young male want to hide quickly when a landlord pops in to take some photos? The other possibility is that the young man believes this is appropriate boxer storage, and looking around at his room, that doesn’t seem far-fetched.

Click below for hi-res images.

Perhaps what’s most amazing of all is that this home–obviously rented, at the moment, by students–has five bedrooms, and yet the photographer chose this one to represent the house in a real estate listing. How bad must the other four have been? Were there boxers strewn from the ceiling? Being a landlord for college students must be most impossible job there is.

Current rental asking price: $2,450 per month.

522 N 32nd Street House, Philadelphia, PA 19104