Bryn Tydyyn: Once a Vasser Showhouse, Now on the Market

main line monday logoThe Vassar Showhouse was a Main Line tradition for 40 years. A large home would be chosen as a sort of pop-up Design Marketplace, where designers would set up a display in one of the property’s room, and the public would troop through, looking for ideas, for designers they might want to hire, or just gawk at the home itself. In 2006, though, the event was shelved.

Writing for the Inquirer that year, Kathy Bocella explained:

Now, in the age of HGTV cable shows and a do-it-yourself approach to the good life, attendance has declined. Those who do show up are trolling for ideas they can implement on their own.

The world changed but the homes did not–hence the prestige boast of being one-time Vassar Showhouse like this 6-bedroom Colonial. Bryn Tyddyn consists of a main house, 2 acres of land, a spring house, a heated pool and a stone pool house. The grounds have large trees and specimen plantings. In the winter months, when swimming isn’t an option, cozy up by one of 11 fireplaces. Eleven!

It’s 7,500 square feet and $2.29 million.

1115 Bryn Tyddyn Dr, Gladwyne, PA 19035