A Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen: Just the thing to Get You Cooking

Design a Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen

When the weather warms up, there’s something in our DNA that sends us cooking outdoors. And with those warm sunny days at the beginning of March teasing the spring and summer seasons just ahead, it’s time to start thinking about your outdoor cooking setup. Because if you’re a gourmet chef (or you suppose you’re one), it’s time to consider upgrading from the grill to a fabulous outdoor kitchen.

At the bare minimum, you need a grill and a good grill tool set. But expert cooks can tell you that a Fabulous outdoor kitchen in Stone Harborfull kitchen outdoors will have you eating the best burgers of your life. Outdoor kitchens allow you to take that same entertaining aspect that’s built into a spacious chef’s kitchen and transfer it outside. The components mirror what you have on the inside, although scaled a little smaller—fridge, prep space, sink—along with some specialty items suited for cooking en plein air—grill, smoker, fire pit. You’ll want to make sure your appliances are weather-tight and that your burgers aren’t overcooked.

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