The Perfect Home for Michael Vick and His New Dog

Michael Vick had to cancel his book tour due to threats of violence, according to today’s Inquirer. Though he signed books without incident in Charlotte, N.C., his next stops in Exton and Atlanta were proving to be more complicated.

Part of the hostility may be because Vick admitted in October that he now has a dog (as a pet)–and that didn’t sit well with people who recalled that his last experience with dog ownership was, shall we say, fraught. However, we have some good news for Vick: There’s a home in Moorestown, NJ that would be perfect for him, and it’s only $1.6 million.

5 Reasons This Is the Perfect Home for Michael Vick and His New Dog

      1. It’s very hidden. There’s a cul-de-sac and a long driveway and trees and stuff. He could hide out.
      2. It includes a dog kennel.
      3. It includes digs for a dog handler.
      4. It’s really close to Philly, but not too close.
      5. It has 26 acres, so if villagers with pitchforks arrive, he has plenty of room to run.

901 BORTON LANDING RD, Moorestown NJ 08057  [Weichert]