Property’s Morning Obsession: Amazing Miniature Houseboat

Each year the hobbyist website and store has a contest that, on the surface, would seem irrelevant to the sophisticated, educated readership of this blog. But no, my friends. Not at all. In fact, we simply can’t get enough of these photos, found on Curbed National, of the exquisitely little worlds created by miniaturists all over the country—worlds that make you want to crawl into them and escape from the everyday of your own life.

In particular, we admire this incredibly detailed and alluring miniature houseboat interior, which calls to mind languid days at the Jersey shore, away from the storm und drang (ahem) of East Coast weather. For more of what really are rather amazing creations, check out all the contest entries, including some rather forward-looking modernist architecture and a little bit of Wes Anderson-style twee.

HBS/ 19th Creatin’ Contest