Property’s Morning Obsession: Those Planks, Those Bricks

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Some of Philly’s adapted factories are just glorious, at least from the outside. Witness the Hoopskirt Lofts at 3rd and Arch, which feature “vintage” flooring (which is not to say it’s always original, but it’s not new either), plenty of exposed brick and ductwork galore. The old building was once a hoopskirt factory, but we bet you guessed that already. Some of the units even come with large pieces of decommissioned equipment, which are good conversation pieces.

But this morning we’re obsessed with the wooden stairway/balcony and all the exposed brick in this unit. The vertical shot of the first floor really gives a sense of the vast feeling of the space, and the wooden ceiling in the bedroom, which is only inches from one’s head, looks very cozy. There’s something about that arch of bricks above the couch that’s pleasing to the eye. We like the way the current tenant has handled the space there, with art that’s light rather than as hard as its surroundings.

The unit also has a private entrance and is newly listed at $225,000. So yes, we’re obsessed.