This Gorgeous Flower Field is East PA’s Best-Kept Secret for Engagement Photos

Get ready for allll the Insta likes.

When we first came across Jess and Jeremy Pennino’s one-year anniversary shoot, we were stunned. Yes, the photos by Sarah Brookhart are gorgeous, but that FIELD. WHERE is that field? We had to find out immediately. 

Thankfully, Brookhart was quick to provide the answers. The field, which doesn’t have an official name, is a located near the Lancaster Airport in Lititz, which is roughly a one-hour-and-45-minute drive west from downtown Philly. The field is located at the northeast corner of the intersection between East Oregon Road and Kissel Hill Road, and we dropped a pin for you here so you can find it.

According to an article published in Lancaster Online last year, the “pop-up flower garden” was planted and is owned by Jay Garber, the president and CEO of Garber Metrology, a weighing services company located nearby in Lititz. According to the article, Garber planted the beautifully motley assortment of poppies, Black-eyed Susans, red gaillardia and more solely for the enjoyment of passersby (and the bees in the beehives he also keeps in the field).

A sign in the field reads: “Pictures — yes. Picking — no. Enjoy!!”

And Brookhart tells us that she believes mid-June (the time these photos were taken) is peak bloom for the field.

If you’re already planning for next year’s engagement shoot (and you’re not allergic to bees), let Jess and Jeremy’s stunning session be all the reason you need to head to Lancaster. More photos below!

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