You Can Get (Real!) Ink at Your Wedding Courtesy of This Tattoo Artist

Note: this is probably not the time for a tramp stamp.

Temporary tattoo stations at weddings we get. They’re a cute and, most importantly, non-permanent way to wear your love on your sleeve (or shoulder, wrist, etc.). Real tattoos at a wedding — that’s a little more intimidating.

But not for Rob Fiore. The 20-year, award-winning tattoo artist and owner of Lansdale’s Red Lotus Tattoo Company has recently launched a wedding-focused venture called The Wedding Tattooer, and he’s ready to bring his needles and ink to your big day.

The Wedding Tattooer’s first-tier package starts at $800 to ink just the couple, though the team can stick around to answer any tattoo-related questions curious guests might have. The second-tier package (prices generally start at $1,200 but are flexible) gets you two to three hours of dedicated tattoo time at your wedding, and Fiore says recipients are typically the couple and “VIP” guests like family and bridal party members. (For these sessions, he does ask for an approximate head count ahead of time). More guests equal more time booked, and he’s also available for bachelor and bachelorette parties. For now, Fiore says wedding tattoo requests are veering “minimal” and “simple,” especially when inked on fingers and hands.

If safety and being of sound — and sober — enough mind are high on your concern list, Fiore assures us he’s thought about both. Inks and tools are packed and transported in sealed containers, tools are sterilized and intended for “disposable, one-time use” (needles are discarded back at Red Lotus, never at your wedding site), and each tattoo recipient is required to sign a waiver.

Permanent bodily reminders of your wedding day might not be for everyone, but for tattoo enthusiasts who already commemorate major life moments with new ink, this seems like a no-brainer. And if your friend group has long talked about getting a group tattoo but could never get everyone in the same place, your wedding could also be the perfect opportunity.

The Wedding Tattooer travels up and down the east coast for weddings, with a special discount extended to couples getting married in Pennsylvania. “We’re also working on a tour bus so we can be at outdoor weddings,” says Fiore.

For more info from Fiore (including a surprising story about tattooing a bride’s grandparents), see the above video. For examples of his tattoo work, check out this Facebook album.

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