PW Reader Ring: Kimberly and Greg!

Kim's ring!

Kim’s ring!

The couple: Kimberly Knorr and Gregory Spaeter, from Warminster.

The ring: My ring has a pear-shaped diamond set in white gold accented with smaller chip diamonds in a unique band. Greg tells the story that he had a stone all picked out a few years ago and was going to go back to buy it—and then I happened to mention liking my mom’s engagement ring, which is a pear. Needless to say, he didn’t go back and then ended up waiting a few years before buying a ring.

The only tips I had given him were that I liked the pear-shape stone, and that I liked a simple band. He picked both without my help: He went with a friend to Jared the first time and picked the stone. And I believe he went back on his own to select the band. He said that they showed him many different bands before he finally found the one he liked! I know I said I wanted simple and I had told him that I didn’t want anything on the band—but once he gave it to me I was in love. I couldn’t have picked it better for myself!

The proposal: We bought our first house in November, and a lot of people had been hinting that maybe he would propose the day of our settlement. The day of, Greg was definitely more nervous than I was.

After our walkthrough, our realtor gave me the keys to the house and we went to settlement. Afterwards, Greg said he wished there was someone going back to the house with us so someone could take our picture, so I called my sister Kelly who happened to have off from work that day and she said she would meet us at the house. (I found out later she knew about the proposal, so she took off!)

Greg made us wait until Kelly got there to get out of the car and go into the house. He sent me up to the door with the keys the realtor had given me, and when I got to the door there was photo strip with him asking me to marry him taped to the door! When I turned around he was at the bottom of the stairs down on one knee! He had the ring attached to the real keys to the house—the ones the realtor had given to me were a fake set! Of course I said yes!

Later I found out all the details: Greg’s dad snuck over to the house while we were at settlement and put the note on the door. Greg had driven down to Ocean City the night before while I was at work to go to an arcade to make the wax coins he used to attach the note (you can press a message into them); we had made them back in 2007, our first summer dating. When he got back, he put on a suit and went to a bowling alley in Feasterville, where he went through many outtakes to get the perfect photo strip! This all happened in the 24 hours before the proposal.

The band: We have already picked my band and purchased it! We tried to find one with diamonds that went the same length down the band as my engagement ring and that were roughly the same size. We think we found the perfect balance of each! We decided to get a band with a slight bend in it to accent the pear shaped stone.

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