PW Reader Ring: Allie & Patrick!

Allie's ring!

Allie’s ring!

The couple: Allie Luceri and Patrick Rowley, from Fairmount.

The ring: My ring has a cushion-cut diamond surrounded by a diamond halo set in white gold. It’s by Henry Daussi. I absolutely love my ring—and I love that Patrick picked it out himself, without me! I think that makes the story so romantic.

We never went shopping together and I never left photos around, although I did occasionally share feedback on rings I did and didn’t like when appropriate—and Patrick is a very good listener, so I am sure he made note of these details. He is big on surprises and wouldn’t have wanted to pick something out together. I had shared photos of my dream ring with my sisters and mom, which I know they shared with him when the time was right.

He bought the ring at Benari Jewelers in Exton. The staff mentioned how detail oriented he was in selecting the perfect ring. It’s absolutely beautiful, classic, romantic, sparkly and timeless. It’s suits our relationships and my personality. After he proposed, he told me he wanted me to say Wow when I saw the ring—and let’s just say I still say Wow whenever I look down at my hand!

The proposal: Patrick proposed at the Philadelphia Zoo in the 6ABC Zooballoon! One of our first dates was at the Camden Aquarium, so he took me to the zoo to commemorate how far we have come and how much more we have to experience together. Being afraid of heights, not only was I not expecting a hot air balloon proposal, but he had a tough time getting me in the balloon in the first place!

After he proposed—on one knee 450 feet above the city—everyone cheered and clapped and snapped our picture. He said he was most nervous about accidentally dropping the ring through the open holes in the balloon before proposing! It was a dream proposal, capped off with a fantastic dinner at Distrito with both of our families. He nailed every detail, and in true Patrick fashion, he planned everything perfectly. I still dream about the day and revel in the excitement and how special he made me feel.

The band: I am still debating on a wedding band and go back and forth between something simply and sparkly or something more dramatic and unique. I know we have some time to decide what suits us both and what will symbolize our marriage for years to come. When the time is right we will definitely be heading back to Benari’s!

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