Listen: These Are the Top 50 Most Popular First Dance & Reception Songs, Says Spotify

Top 50 First Dance Wedding Songs


Must be the season of wedding song rankings!

Not long after Billboard surveyed top wedding DJs in 13 different cities and released their list of the top 100 most-played songs were by the music professionals, we’ve got a new batch of wedding-music data on our hands.

Spotify crunched their own data recently, and after analyzing about a bajillion playlists, they came up with two lists of their own: most popular first-dance songs, and most popular get-your-guests-on-the-dance-floor songs. Moral of the story? Ed Sheeran rules the world.

Need some inspiration for planning the soundtrack to your Big Day? Listen to ’em all below.

Top 50 Wedding First-Dance Songs:

Top 50 Wedding Reception Songs:

Are you surprised by anything in here?

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